Case Washer

  • Pre-filtering sediment tank filters water before it enters the pump
  • 10 h.p. stainless steel Ampco Pumps
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Fully seal welded with 10-gauge stainless steel
  • Twin ventilation openings
  • Removable remote mount pumps, stainless steel springs, and spray headers
  • Valve pumps switching from pump to rinse line allows the rinse pump to be removed for service without causing case washer shutdown
  • Steam heat capture through condensation
  • Dual case washer model allows for simultaneous cleaning of two rows of cases


  • Spray header piping mounted with packing gland reduces the possibility of unit cracking due to hydraulic vibration and shock
  • Anderson temperature recorder
  • Available with terminal for electric steam control valves
  • Stainless steel pump mount bases
  • Available in conveyor or push through models
  • Custom specifications available
Wraparound nozzles with case separation rails for maximum cleaning of all surfaces
Fully adjustable, removable nozzles for easy access
Wash water enters a sediment tank to remove heavy and light sediments before entering pumps
Easy access to heating coils
Ball float system for accurate water levels
Easily removable stainless steel screens for cleaning
Removable doors for access to nozzles and interior of case washer
Removable lids for complete access to pre-sediment tank